Relationship Gratitude


(Not a book post, but a life university post.)

These are my Mother’s Day flowers that my children gave me. Flowers that mean the world to me because they came from the hearts of my children….the ones who made me a mother.

I just became a mother again 5 short weeks ago. I am now the mother to a beautiful little girl. In the process of becoming her mother, and in the weeks following, I have felt an outpouring of love and support from my circle of friends and family.

My husband was my rock throughout my labor. He made giving birth to our third child bareable (as her labor was harder than my first two). My OB acted more like a midwife than a traditional doctor. She supported me so much while I was in labor. A friend of mine provided much needed affirmations and guidance as I was about to head into transitioning in labor. My sister in law text me words of encouragement. The nurses were amazing. The Lord sent just the right people to help me give birth.

After she was born, I received meals from people I would have never expected to provide any more than a congratulations. A couple of friends even brought cooked meals into my second and third week. That did not happen with my boys. Diapers and wipes came from neighbors, family, church friends, and old friends who used the opportunity of my baby to reconnect. Clothing came in the form of two “baby sprinkles”, a friend helping me navigate the overwhelming world of rummage sale-ing, random moments of friends and family bringing the gift of an outfit or two both before and after birth, and hand me downs from a friend and one of my brothers. Other much needed baby items (as I gave away most of it before), came from my in laws and a couple friends.

The first week after she was born, my husband took over the house. I was a hot pile of nursing, sleep deprived, hormonal mess. Most of my time was spent in bed nursing, crying over my cracked and bleeding nipples, and getting what little sleep I could. Our boys got lots of daddy time that week.

The first week my husband went back to work, my friends and family were quick to accept my invitation to come over and spend time with my children and I. They brought food, cooked, cleaned and provided entertainment for my older two kiddos in the form of their children. Someone was here every day that week. I set it up that way. I get depressed when I am not around people, so I am very grateful they chose to come and be with me.

I had phone calls from the Lactation specialists at the hospital to make sure my nursing experience was going well, and care shown by our family doctor when I took her in for her 2 day check.

I can not express the immense amount of gratitude I have for the people around me. There is so much more I could list. I feel like God gave me the miracle of angels in the form of these amazing people. I am not sure why I was chosen to cross the mind of so many amazing people who acted on their thoughts to provide support to our family, but I am grateful to them for it. Truly I am surrounded by the kindest, most giving group of people in the world. My relationships with them fill my life with joy, love and fulfillment. I hope do the same for them.