My Little Home University

A couple months ago I realized that more than half the books I own, I have never read. I bought them with the intention on reading them, and then proceeded to let them collect dust on the shelf. I’m sure there are others who can relate. Most of these books fall in the “self help” category. Some are biographies or autobiographies, and others are scientific. Those scientific ones deal in matters of brain chemistry or psychology or fragrance chemistry. I love neurology. I love psychology. I love essential oils and fragrance.  I love chemistry and biology. I love people and learning about them. Oh goodness my interests take me down a varied landscape of knowledge and wonder.

With all these delightful, unread books, I had unmet goal after unmet goal to read them. I’d start a few and never finish one of them. I’d read 2 pages, ponder those two pages, then set the book down never to be opened again. Then, last week, I read the first few pages of the textbook “The Psychology of Action: Linking Cognition and Motivation to Behavior” on Goggle Books. It was spurred by watching this Ted Talk: Keep Your Goals To Yourself. One of the editors, Peter M. Gollwitzer, was mentioned in the talk, which led me to Goodreads and Goggle to discover his works. (I love social media and search engines!) I wanted to understand why I continually lost motivation to achieve my goals (and not just my reading goals). Why it seemed that when I disclosed my goals to someone else, I worked less towards them instead of working more. Accountability to actually achieve those goals seemed futile. So when I read those first 9 pages of that book, they were eye opening, exciting, and brought epiphany to epiphany to me…..and I want to share my epiphanies, which is resulting in the the birth of this blog.

I have learned that my motivation can be spurred by attention. I am not ashamed to admit that I am motivated by attention. It is a part of my psyche that I embrace. There is a hope that what little attention I get will help someone else improve their life. That by you reading this, you’ll be inspired to go and pick up your dust collecting books, and learn from them. Books are the window into someone else’s thoughts. They can propel you into new ways of thinking, which will thus change your life. Join me as I change mine.


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