I Hope I Screw This Up: Pages 1-52


This book was a whimsical purchase. I saw an ad for one of the authors videos on Facebook, watched the first 20 minutes of it (never was able to get through the full hour due to being around my children and not wanting them to hear some of the adult themes in it…..don’t worry it wasn’t to over the top, I’m just super sensitive to those things around my kids), then decided to preorder the book because I loved what I saw in those 20 minutes. When the book showed up sometime in May, I didn’t read it. It went on my shelf. Until 2 weeks ago after I had my 3rd baby. The book seemed to be calling to me. It has taken me two weeks to read the first 52 pages, but it has provided some key insight that I need in my life right now.

Before I started reading it, I read some reviews on Goodreads. I tend to find some good ones taunting it as the best thing since sliced bread, and some awful ones claiming the book was a waste of time. After reading this review, I decided to jump right into reading the book:


After these first 50 pages, I think his all-over-the-placeness writing style is part of the point. This book is about HIS journey to write a book. Kind of what I am doing right now as I document my drive to read the books I have in my possession. He even says on page 11 in chapter 1, ” This book is literally me giving myself advice, and I’m realizing that the true reason I’m writing it is to move past my own fears…” I appreciate that. I appreciate documenting the actual thoughts you are having, as you have them. Kind of like chatting online or texting someone. The thoughts just come out, and you can edit the them if you wish, but leaving them largely raw and unfiltered seems to be more authentic.

As I continued to read, this sentence struck me on page 31, “How would it feel to be the person who is actually moving toward that thing that calls to you?” This very question has been posed to me in one form or another by different people for the last five years. Ever since I began my journey building my network marketing business. In those moments that I am moving towards the things that call me, magic happens. The stars align and I feel free. My limited beliefs are shed. I feel like myself. Then my “addictions” hit. The kind of addictions that he speaks about in chapter 5. The need to find approval is my addiction. That approval tends to limit me tremendously because I tiptoe around my calling instead of moving forward with purpose.

I’m loving these insights, and am looking forward to what I will learn as I finish the book.


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